UPTAKE Guest lecture by Elias Götz at Tartu

On Thursday, 27 October, Dr Elias Götz from the Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS) is giving a public lecture at the University of Tartu, titled “Putin, the State, and War: The Causes of Russia’s Near Abroad Assertion Revisited”.

The lecture will map the conventional explanations of Russia’s near abroad assertion, discuss strengths and weaknesses of the various explanations, and argue that a neoclassical realist approach provides a promising avenue for future research. The talk is based on the article published in the International Studies Review.

Dr Elias Götz is a postdoctoral researcher at the Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. His research interests span the fields of international relations theory, security studies, and Russian foreign policy. He holds a Ph.D. from Aarhus University in Denmark.

The lecture takes place on 27 October at 14.15-15.45 in the UT Social Sciences building, Lossi 36-214.

The lecture is organized in the framework of the project “Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent” (UPTAKE), funded from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

More information: Dr Elias Götz, elias.gotz@ucrs.uu.se

Forwarded by:
Maili Vilson
Research Communication Specialist
Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu