Research Profiles

Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES) at Uppsala University is an integrated multi-disciplinary long-term research program with an in-depth focus on recent developments in Russia, and in the post-Soviet space. It is designed to meet the highest international standards of scientific excellence and spans across the humanities and the social sciences, as well as law and theology. The UCRS research ambition is divided into three thematic areas:
  • State and Market
  • Identity Formation
  • Russia’s neighbouring countries

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Global Europe Centre (GEC) at the University of Kent conducts research across a wide range of interdisciplinary areas and provides policy advice to a variety of national governments, European and international organisations. Its work explores the relationship between the wider Europe and European Union and the interaction with the processes of global politics and global political economy. GEC’s current thematic research priorities include:
  • The Eastern Partnership
  • Normative Power Europe
  • EU Diplomatic Practice

The GEC hosts the Energy Analysis Group (EAG) which studies Europe as a global actor on energy issues. It also runs a Joint Thematic Research Programme with the Conflict Analysis Research Centre on The European Union in Crisis Management: Mediation Capabilities. This thematic project seeks to bring together the wider corpus of understanding on mediation as an initial step to the study of the EU’s developing role as mediator as a component of its wider foreign and security policy. For more information, see

Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) at the University of Tartu coordinates and facilitates research in the field of Russian and  East European Studies, with a focus on EU- Russia relations and interaction. The research mission of CEURUS is to combine scientific skills with in-depth knowledge of the geographical areas concerned in order to conduct high-quality research that responds to the interests and needs of the scholarly community, policy-makers and the society at large. The current thematic research priorities of CEURUS include:
  • Identity and Foreign Policy
  • Borders, Regions & the Neighborhood
  • History & Memory
  • Sovereignty, Security & Order
  • International Law & Human Rights

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