Public lecture by Artemy Troitsky at Tartu

On Tuesday, 10 May, Artemy Troitsky, renowned Russian journalist and music critic currently living in Tallinn, gave a public lecture “Russia: The Unidentified Drowning Object (UDO). Where is it going and why? Implications for Estonia?” at the University of Tartu, analysing the current state and future of the contemporary political regime in Russia and its possible implications for Estonia.

Artemy Troitsky (1955) is a renowned Russian journalist, music critic and promoter who became known to Estonian audiences in the late 1980s and early 1990s as the most influential Russian rock critic. Troitsky was one of the organizers of the Account No. 904 rock concert to raise funds for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, the first such concert in the Soviet Union. He has written the books Back in the USSR: The True Story of Rock in Russia, and Tusovka: Who’s Who in the New Soviet Rock Culture. Currently Troitsky is best known as a critic of Vladimir Putin’s regime. Having left Russia for social and political reasons, he is currently living in Tallinn, where he works as a lecturer at Tallinn University and contributes regularly to the Estonian and international media.

The lecture was organized jointly by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies, University of Tartu, and the Open Estonia Foundation as part of the “Russian Voices” discussion series.

For more information, please contact Piret Ehin, Director of Centre for EU-Russia Studies,, phone 737 5938, and see the CEURUS website.