UPTAKE lecture with Li Bennich-Björkman at Tartu

On Tuesday, 28 February, Professor Li Bennich-Björkman from Uppsala University will give a public lecture at the University of Tartu titled

Just do it! Reforming Away Corruption in Georgia and Estonia“.

Professor Li Bennich-Björkman is Johan Skytte Professor in Eloquence and Political Science at Uppsala University and Research Director at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS). She chairs the Prize Committee of the world-famous Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science.  Her expertise is political developments in post-Communist Europe and the post-Soviet space with a particular focus on corruption, political party development, nationalism, civil society, EU integration and political culture. A dominant theme in her research on Eastern Europe and post-Soviet States has been how historical and cultural legacies relate to the divergent post-Communist trajectories. She is the author of Political Culture under Institutional Pressure: How Institutions Transform Early Socialization (2007) and Organising Innovative Research: The Inner Life of University Departments (1997), in addition to numerous articles in international journals.

The lecture takes place on 28 February at 16.15 in the UT Social Sciences building, Lossi 36-214, Tartu, Estonia, and is followed by a small reception.