UPTAKE Joint Panel at ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention in Lviv

The UPTAKE Joint Panel examines the attitudes of the Russian-speaking groups in Estonia, focusing on their political identities, values, allegiances and attitudes, including support for democracy as a type of government, levels of satisfaction with regime performance, and patterns of political participation. The attitudes and allegiances of the Russophone population of Estonia will be contrasted with those of ethnic Estonians, as well as those of ethnic kin in the Russian Federation.The panel will address the dynamics of the interethnic cultural and political gap in Estonia, while discussing prospects for normative convergence. It will also discuss the resonance of the Kremlin’s compatriot policy in Estonia, assessing the susceptibility of the country’s Russophones to Moscow’s political and normative agendas.

The composition of the panel is as follows:
Chair and discussant: Jerry Pankhurst (University of Wittenberg)
Kristina Kallas (University of Tartu) “Claiming the Diaspora: Russia’s Compatriot Policy and Its Reception by the Russophone Population in Estonia”;
Piret Ehin (University of Tartu) “Different Regime Trajectories, Divergent Attitudes Towards Democracy? A Comparison of Ethnic Russians in the Russian Federation and in Estonia“;
Leonid Polishchuk (University of Uppsala) and Ryhor Nizhnikau (University of Tartu) “Drivers and Impediments to Inter-ethnic Cultural Convergence in Estonia”.