UPTAKE guest lecture in Tartu

On Tuesday, 27 February, Dr Gregory Simons from the Uppsala University’s Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies will give a public lecture titled “Russia and a Changing Global Political Marketplace of Ideas”. The lecture takes place at 14.15 in the UT Social Sciences building, Lossi 36, room 306.

The lecture focuses on the role and impact of ideas presented by Russia on the global arena. The nature of politics around the world is rapidly changing.  Citizens feel increasingly disconnected from liberal democracy. Alternatives are being sought to the current global hegemony of liberal democracy, which is in crisis due to a number of factors. In this equation, Russia positions itself as a socially and culturally conservative alternative. The groups that are attracted to this alternative are very diverse in terms of their political preferences and desires. This talk seeks to shed light on why and how some individuals and groups are drawn to Russia as an alternative force.

Associate Professor Greg Simons works at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden, while also giving lectures at the Department of Communication Sciences at Turība University in Latvia. His research focuses on Russian public diplomacy and the quest for soft power. Other research areas include crisis communication, the interaction of information and politics in armed conflict, and aspects of international political communication.