UCRS book launch with Judith Pallot

Most recent research seeks to explain contemporary changes in Russia by analysing the decisions of Russian leaders, oligarchs and politicians based in Moscow. This book examines another Russia, one of ordinary people changing their environment and taking opportunities to provoke societal changes in small towns and the countryside. Russia is a resource-rich society and the country’s strategy and institutional structure are built on the most valuable of these resources: oil and gas. Analysing the implications of this situation at the local level, this book offers chapters on resource use, local authorities, enterprises, poverty and types of individual, as well as a final chapter which places local societies within the framework of the Russian politicised economy.

Based on extensive empirical data gathered through more than 400 semi-structured interviews with entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers and those working for the local authorities, this book sheds light on the role of local activity in the development of Russian society and is essential reading for students and scholars interested in Russia and its politics.

For more information about the book please visit publisher’s website https://www.routledge.com/The-Other-Russia-Local-experience-and-societal-change/Granberg-Satre/p/book/9781472476890

Leo Granberg is Professor of rural studies in social sciences at the University of Helsinki 2005-13. Prof. Granberg is scholar at the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Russian Studies, University of Helsinki, and visiting researcher at the UCRS. He has studied rural development in former socialist countries.

Ann-Mari Sätre, Associate Professor in Economics, is specialized in the structure and performance of the Soviet/Russian economy. Her current research focuses on poverty, local development and women’s work in Russia.