Seminar on modernities and modernization at Uppsala

Mikhail Maslovskiy  (National Research University Higher School of Economics, St.-Petersburg) will give a presentation at UCRS based on an article The Imperial Dimension of Russian Modernisation: A Multiple Modernities Perspective published in Europe-Asia Studies in 2016.

The paper discusses transformation processes in Brazil and Russia from the viewpoint of the multiple modernities theory. The peculiarities of modernization in Brazil are characterized on the basis of Shmuel Eisenstadt’s analysis of Latin American modernity and interpretations of his ideas in contemporary historical sociolo­gy. It is argued that Johann Arnason’s perspective on intercivilizational en­counters and imperial modernization is particularly relevant for understanding transfor­mation processes in Russia. At the same time a comparative analysis of Brazil and Russia should take into consideration the impact of religious traditions and institutions on social and political changes, the unequal length and intensity of imperial ex­perience and the degree of openness towards western liberal modernity. The historical legacies of the Soviet period are regarded in the paper as the main difference of today’s Russia from Latin American societies.

Mikhail Maslovskiy is a senior researcher at the Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and a professor of National Research University Higher School of Economics, St.-Petersburg. He is an international partner of the Finnish Centre of Excellence “Choices of Russian Modernisation”. His research interests include contemporary sociological theories, historical sociology and political sociology. In particular he discussed application of the multiple modernities theory to Soviet history and post-communist political transformations in Russia. He is the author of six books and numerous articles in Russian journals. His works in English have appeared in Europe-Asia Studies, Historická Sociologie, Social Imaginaries. During his stay at UCRS (15 August – 14 September 2017) Mikhail is going to work on the project titled “Russia’s New Political Identity: Imperial Legacies and Civilisational Imaginaries”. The main aim of the study is to contribute to conceptualisation of the process of political identity formation in post-Soviet Russia with a focus on the concepts of “empire” and “civilisation”. Mikhail will hold a seminar entitled “Towards a Comparative Analysis of Transformation Processes in Brazil and Russia from the Multiple Modernities Perspective”.