Seminar “Civil Society in Russia” at Uppsala

The Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies and the Swedish Society for the Study of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia invite you to a debate seminar on the civil society in Russia. This year we have invited Jussi Lassila from the Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki) as the main speaker. He will give a talk entitled: “Responding Populist Challenge in Putin´s Russia: Russian People´s Front”. Lena Jonson (Swedish Institute of International Affairs) will provide short comments.

Jussi Lassila works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki. His book “The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin’s Russia II: The Search for Distinctive Conformism in the Political Communication of Nashi, 2005-2009” was published by Ibidem Verlag in late 2012 (second edition in 2014). His core areas of expertise are political discourse analysis, post-Soviet identity politics and political communication.

Lena Jonson is Senior Associate Research Fellow and former head of the Russia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. Her research currently focuses on Russian domestic politics and issues of political and societal change (modernisation) as well as the contemporary role of culture and its standing in Russia. Among her recent publications is the book “Art as a Protest in Putin’s Russia”.

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