Seminar at Uppsala about Russian Orthodoxy

What began in Russia in the late 1980s is usually called a time of Church Revival. Millions were baptized, tens of thousands of churches opened, thousands of new ones built. If the numbers were all that mattered, then indeed those metrics are simply astonishing. But is that all that we can say about it?

Sergei Chapnin is a chief editor of ‘Dary’ (The Gifts) magazine and co-chairman of ‘Artos’ Creative Arts Fellowship. In 2016 he launched an international project ‘Saints of the Undivided Church’ to promote better understanding between Christians based on common heritage of the first millennium of the Church history. In 2009-2015 Sergei Chapnin was a chief editor of the official magazine of the Russian Orthodox Church Zhurnal Moskovskoy Patriarhii (The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate) and the official newspaper Tserkovny Vestnik (The Church Herald). He also served as a secretary of the Commission on Church, state and society of the Inter-Conciliar Board of the Russian Orthodox Church and as a deputy chief editor of the Publishing house of the Moscow Patriarchate.