The adoption from 2011 through 2013 of legislation prohibiting “gay propaganda” in Russia brought the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in politics and debates over LGBT rights into sharp focus. However, inadequate attention has been paid to the actual content of arguments put forth by clerics and other figures serving in the Church in favor of these laws. Drawing upon concepts of framing and morality policy, Caroline Hill will examine the use of secular (rational-instrumental and procedural appeals) versus moral-religious arguments by clerics and other Church-affiliated actors. She will also explore the differences in framing strategies employed when communicating via secular and Orthodox Christian online media sources, and in interviews conducted for this project.

Caroline Hill is a graduate of Uppsala University and a researcher at the Postsecular Conflicts project at Universität Innsbruck. Her research interests include morality policy debates in the former Soviet states and Southeastern Europe, and the role of the Orthodox Church and evangelical Christian groups in mediatization of religion in Eastern Europe and the West.