First UPTAKE workshop on Russian Diasporas

On March 15, 2016, a workshop on “Whose Compatriots? Russophone Communities between New homelands and the Russkiy Mir” takes place at the Narva College of the University of Tartu. It is the first workshop organised in the framework of the new UPTAKE consortium between the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (University of Tartu), the Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (Uppsala University) and the Global Europe Centre (University of Kent).

The workshop explores the perceptions and reactions of the Russophone communities at the intersection of conflicting political aspirations and agendas from a number of angles, including, for example, the interethnic value gap, and the idea of the Russkiy Mir. The objectives of the exploratory workshop include defining and elaborating possible research foci, and mapping resources and opportunities for developing new collaborative research projects. The participants feature leading scholars from Uppsala University and from the University of Tartu.