Election analysis seminar at Uppsala

On 23 October, Lithuania’s voters went to the polls. The electorate turn its back on the incumbent Social Democrats. In a surprise outcome, the biggest winner was the opposition Farmer’s and Greens, who will now form the core of a coalition government. This was a major upset for the opposition Homeland Union, whose leader, Gabrielius Landsbergis, had hoped to continue in the political footsteps of his grandfather, Vytautas. Instead, the oligarch behind the Farmers’ Union, Ramunas Karbauskis, will decide who becomes Prime Minister.

Discussing the context, outcomes, and implications of the elections for Lithuania and the region will be Ausra Padskocimaite (doctoral student, UCRS), Laima Vaige (doctoral student, Department of Law), and Kjetil Duvold (senior lecturer in political science, Dalarna University).

This event is part of the series of ad hoc seminars devoted to election analyses for the countries in the region the UCRS studies.