Election analysis seminar at Uppsala

This autumn’s parliamentary elections in Russia have been described as the most boring in a long time. Low voter turnout, no real alternatives to the existing make-up of the State Duma, and a populistic consolidation in terms of patriotism and preservation of identity. At the same time, there are some voices being raised in Russia saying that the country can, and should, seek political mobilisation other than by populist and technocratic means. Could this “boring” election nevertheless have an important effect on the future political development in Russia?

Which questions are raised by, and what trends have risen to new prominence with the latest State Duma elections? What similarities and differences are there between the democratic deficit in Russia, and the challenges to democracy being faced in societies throughout Europe, and around the world.

Taking part in the panel discussing these issues will be Sverker Gustavsson (professor emeritus, Department of Government), Martin Kragh (researcher, UCRS), and Elena Namli (research director, UCRS).

As this seminar discussion will be held over lunchtime, registered participants will be offered a sandwich to eat. Please inform Jevgenija Gehsbarga (jevgenija.gehsbarga@ucrs.uu.se) by 2 November if you would like to attend.

This event is part of the series of ad hoc seminars devoted to election analyses for the countries in the region the UCRS studies.