Over the past several centuries, many have come to believe that as goes Russia, so goes the world. Russia’s victory over Napoleon was decisive in inaugurating the conservative and diffused hegemony of the Metternich era, while the Russian Revolution gave life to an ideology that came to encompass half the world for a time, only later to “return to Europe” on the wings of a seemingly triumphant liberal international order upon the Soviet Union’s demise. Now that attempts to create a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok have come to a halt in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, being replaced by new visions emanating from Moscow of a Greater Eurasia, many have begun to speculate about what impact the end of Russia’s attempts to join the West will have on the future of international order.

The Workshop is co-jointly organised with LSE Ideas (Professor Michael Cox) and COMPASS/UPTAKE (Professor Elena Korosteleva).