The project is coordinated by the University of Tartu, with Dr Piret Ehin from the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies acting as the Coordinator.

Steering Group

The UPTAKE Steering Group makes strategic decisions concerning the project and the development of the consortium. The Steering Group plays a key role in determining the scientific foci and priorities of the consortium and provides input and feedback to individual work packages.

The members of the Steering Group are:

Prof Stefan Hedlund, Uppsala University
Prof Elena Korosteleva, University of Kent
Prof Viacheslav Morozov, University of Tartu
Prof Eiki Berg, University of Tartu
Dr Tom Casier, University of Kent
Prof Vello Pettai, University of Tartu
Dr Leonid Polishchuk, Uppsala University

Work Packages

The work of the UPTAKE project is divided into six work packages (WPs). Each package performs a particular set of activities. The six packages and their main objectives are the following:

WP 1 Management is responsible for the overall planning and management of the work of the consortium, the coordination of work between the individual work packages, and financial management, as well as coordination and communication with the European Commission. The work package is led by Dr Piret Ehin (University of Tartu).

WP 2 Annual Conference is responsible for organizing an annual conference on Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies in Tartu that brings together leading experts in the field. The work package is led by Prof Viacheslav Morozov (University of Tartu).

WP 3 Academic Mobility and Staff Exchange is responsible for arranging academic mobility between the three partner institutions, as well as supporting the participation of consortium scholars in the major international conferences in the field. The work package is led by Dr Heiko Pääbo (University of Tartu).

WP 4 Collaborative Projects and Workshops is responsible for facilitating research collaboration among scholars from the three partner institutions and beyond. The work package is led by Prof Stefan Hedlund (Uppsala University).

WP 5 Summer and Winter Schools is responsible for organizing advanced training schools for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and young scholars from the three partner institutions, as well as the broader region. The work package is led by Prof Elena Korosteleva (University of Kent).

WP 6 Dissemination and Communication is responsible for disseminating project results to a range of stakeholder groups and the general public, as well as coordinating and managing external and internal communication of the consortium. The work package is led by Maili Vilson (University of Tartu).